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Kevin Costner ready to wrap 'Yellowstone,' but scripts still missing

Kevin Costner discusses 'Yellowstone' commitment as filming restarts for season 5

By Web Desk
May 20, 2024
Kevin Costner speaks out on Yellowstones future.
Kevin Costner speaks out on 'Yellowstone's' future.

Kevin Costner, who stars as patriarch John Dutton on the hit show Yellowstone, recently shared some intriguing updates with GQ. 

The Oscar-winning actor revealed he has offered to help finish the series, but no scripts have come his way. 

Costner hinted at a private disagreement with creator Taylor Sheridan regarding the show's conclusion.

Despite these challenges, hoe, currently promoting his new movie Horizon, emphasized his commitment to concluding the Dutton saga for the sake of the audience.

Paramount Network announced just hours after Costner's interview that the series had resumed production on the second half of its fifth season, filming in Montana. 

The  series is scheduled to return in November 2024.

Kevin has been likened to a Godfather figure on the show for his ruthless efforts to protect his ranch, revealed he offered to help conclude the series but has not received any scripts. 

He hinted at a private disagreement with creator Taylor Sheridan regarding the series' ending.

Despite speculation that he was too busy, demanded too much money, or wanted more creative control, Costner clarified his commitment to "Yellowstone." 

He explained, "That's kind of my Western ethic. I've been quiet about the whole thing and I've taken a beating out there. 

My castmates are confused. The crew was confused."