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Tom Cruise's daughter makes significant move to 'break ties' with actor

Tom Cruise shares Suri with ex Katie Holmes

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May 18, 2024
Tom Cruises daughter to cut ties with him after years of estrangement
Tom Cruise's daughter to cut ties with him after years of estrangement

Tom Cruise’s daughter Suri Cruise recently changed her surname, taking a step away from her father after years of estrangement.

According to the Mirror, the 18-year-old has changed her name to Suri Noelle, in an ode to her mother Katie Holmes whose middle name is Noelle.

Speaking exclusively to the outlet, relationship expert Louella Alderson suggested that the sudden change pointed at Suri’s intention to “break ties" with the Mission Impossible star.

She said: "The decision to change one's name is often significant and can be seen as a way of asserting independence and creating a separate identity.”

"In Suri's case, it seems like she doesn't have a relationship with her father and hasn't seen him in years, so the name change could be a way of symbolically breaking ties with him for good and embracing her own identity."

For the unversed, Katie was granted sole custody of her daughter following the divorce settlement with Tom.

Louella explained that this might have influenced Suri’s decision to take her mother’s name.

She continued: "Suri has grown up primarily with her mother, Katie Holmes, and has likely developed a strong sense of identity that may not align with her father's beliefs and values,” Alderson explained. 

“By changing her name to Noelle, she appears to be prioritising her maternal side and showing her loyalty to her mother.”

“This could also be a way for Suri to distance herself from the media attention that comes with being Tom Cruise's daughter and establish herself as her own person," she added.