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King Charles takes major step to protect Prince Archie, Lilibet's future

Royal family, King Charles concerned about Prince Archie, Princess Lilibet's future

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April 22, 2024
Royal family prompts Prince Archie, Lilibet to approach King Charles
Royal family prompts Prince Archie, Lilibet to approach King Charles

The royal family has seemingly sent a message to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's children with the latest post, revealing the King is very much concerned about his grandchildren Prince Archie, Princess Lilibet and all the kids around the world.

The Buckingham Palace has also shared the biggest goal of cancer-stricken King Charles's life in a meaningful way.

The Palace displayed writings and drawings of children who admired the monarch for his steps to protect the planet from negative impacts of climate change, explaining that the 75-year-old is concerned about the future of kids.

The post may prompt Archie and Lilibet to write to their grandfather about their concerns as thousands of kids send their letters to the King every year. 

King Charles has urged world leaders to forge a more sustainable future and put nature at the heart at several occasions.

Prince William and Harry's cancer stricken father Charles, who is a decades-long campaigner in the environmental field, also wants to heal royal divide with the Sussex.

The King, who's desperate to meet his grandkids, has reportedly given Harry green signal to bring Archie and Lilibet to the UK. The Duke is set to visit Britain in May to attend the celebrations of his Invictus Game's organization.