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Rihanna shares another 'good' update for her potential album

Rihanna debuts shinny blonde hair at her Fenty beauty x Puma launch

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April 19, 2024
Rihanna shares another good update for her potential album
 Rihanna shares another 'good' update for her potential album

Another update on her much anticipated second album has been released by Rihanna, who says the tracks she's been working on are "so good."

The Grammy-winning singer teased fans during a red carpet interview with Entertainment Tonight on Wednesday at the premiere of her new Fenty x Puma Creeper Phatty Earth Tone sneaker. The artist hasn't released a studio album since 2016's Anti.

“I already got stuff that I feel like I can make hits out of. Yeah, really,” Rihanna said, adding that her partner, rapper A$AP Rocky, also loves the tracks for himself. “Me and Rocky are really trying to figure out who is going to use what because it’s so good.”

The Work singer said she wasn't sure when the next album would be out, teasing, "I wanna know, too."

The founder of Fenty Beauty's most recent remarks are probably not going to calm the restless fans who are clamouring for more Rihanna songs. They also come after the singer revealed earlier this month that she has "a lot of visual ideas" for a new album in an interview with Interview magazine.

“It’s weird. My brain is working backward right now,” she said at the time. “I usually have the music first, and the music leads me into all of these visual opportunities, and now I’m having all of these visuals.”

Rihanna added, “I don’t have the songs for them yet. But maybe that’s the key, this time. Maybe the visual ideas are leading me to the songs that I need to make.”