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Jon Bon Jovi considers exit from music to avoid 'fat elvis' fate

Jon Bon Jovi faces vocal health concerns following throat surgery

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April 15, 2024
Jon Bon Jovi contemplates retirement from singing.
Jon Bon Jovi contemplates retirement from singing.

In a recent interview with The Sunday Times, Jon Bon Jovi discussed the possibility of retiring from singing. 

Following throat surgery in 2022 and ongoing vocal therapy, Jovi is striving to maintain and improve the condition of his voice.

Reflecting on his journey, he acknowledged that if he believed his future performances wouldn't meet his standards, he would be content with concluding his singing career on a positive note. 

Despite remaining active in the music scene with studio work and daily vocal therapy, he emphasized the stark contrast between recording and live performances. 

He voiced concerns about potential disappointment for fans if his voice fails to recover fully.

Acknowledging the challenges of aging in the industry, Jovi admitted the difficulty of accepting limitations as he grows older. 

He expressed a deep-seated desire to continue performing at his peak level but acknowledged the uncertainty surrounding his vocal future.

Phil X, lead guitarist of Bon Jovi's band, shared insights into the recording process of the group's upcoming sixteenth album, Forever, which commenced in October of the previous year.