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'Queen of Tears' star Kim Soo Hyun skips father's intimate wedding

Kim Soo Hyun reportedly sought his father's understanding for his absence on wedding

By Web Desk
April 14, 2024
Kim Soo Hyuns father got married in a close wedding organised at his place
Kim Soo Hyun's father got married in a close wedding organised at his place

South Korean actor Kim Soo Hyun's father Kim Chung Hoon tied the knot with his longtime partner An over the weekend.

Allkpop reported on Sunday, April 14, that the lead vocalist of the Seven Dolphins band exchanged vows in a private ceremony surrounded by close friends and family at his home in the heart of Gangnam, Seoul.

However, the Queen of Tears star did not join his father on his significant day. Reportedly, he sought his father’s understanding before skipping the joyous occasion.

Despite his son’s absence, Hoon seemed to enjoy the private ceremony, which was graced with veteran trot singer Kim Bum Ryong serenading the couple with a congratulatory song, while broadcaster Jo Young Gu took on the role of hosting.

Although Hoon and An had been partners for some time, they had never held an official ceremony until now.

A South Korean news outlet THE FACT reported, during the wedding, held on April 13, 2024, Hoon expressed his gratitude to An, stating, "[I am] grateful for An, who stood by my side even when [I] was nobody...had always wanted to put a bridal veil on An, even if belated."

The lead singer of the 1980s rock band is also a father to Kim Soo Hyun's half-sister, Kim Ju Na, whose presence at the wedding has yet to be confirmed.