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Kate Middleton's new 'title' adds to Meghan Markle, Prince Harry's worries

Princess Kate becomes even 'more of a superpower'

By Web Desk
April 13, 2024
Kate Middletons popularity exposes Prince Harry and Meghans problem
Kate Middleton's popularity exposes Prince Harry and Meghan's problem 

Princess Kate, who remains to be the most popular royal even being out of public eye following her cancer diagnosis and treatment, has become even more of a superpower.

Kate Middleton's new "title" of the most popular royal, has seemingly added to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's worries as all the stunts of the Sussexes failed to strengthen their popularity.

The Princess of Wales' worldwide reach has reportedly exposed how much power the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have lost even after all their attention-grabbing moves.

The future Queen, who's undergoing preventative treatment following her cancer diagnosis, has "accidentally" exposed Harry and Meghan's fall from the heights of superstardom through, a royal author has claimed.

Daniela Elser, writing on, pointed out: "In Kate becoming even more of a superpower - such that they should consider giving her a seat on the UN Security Council – that has, in turn, only illuminated a coincidental, second thing: how increasingly marginalised and diminished the Sussexes seem in comparison."

The expert went on explaining that even though the former Suits star's new Instagram has reached over half a million followers, the former Sussex royal account still has 9.2 million followers, even though it is no longer updated.

"The disappointing thing is, the Sussexes are doing, or at least trying to do, work that matters. That deep fake campaign reported by Axios? This is a serious issue that could have a significant impact on this year’s US presidential election and therefore whether American democracy is about to crumble," added Elser. 

The author continued: "The strange and shocking events that have rattled the Palace this year have only cemented Kate and husband Prince William as true figures of global consequence while Harry and Meghan, having forgone the royal imprimatur, have become sort of stateless actors who have slipped from news sections to the entertainment pages."

Soon after Kate Middleton released a video to announce her cancer diagnosis and  preventative chemotherapy, the world leaders and celebrities from all walks of life sent her messages of goodwill, heir love and prayers were explaining how much popular and important Catherine is for the world.