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Kate Middleton's latest health update: Kensington Palace shares new details

Kensington Palace gives latest update on Kate Middleton's health

By Web Desk
March 16, 2024

Kensington Palace has given fresh details about Kate Middleton's health condition after the Prince and Princess of Wales's family life comes in the spotlight following the backlash over Mother’s Day photo scandal.

"I spoke to Kensington Palace that morning…They said she's really upset and sad that she's caused all this trouble.” said Victoria Newton, Editor of The Sun.

"It’s time to give the Princess of Wales a break after the "unfair" backlash to her Mother’s Day photo."

Prince William is "determined to have a really, really private life" and is deeply concerned about protecting Kate Middleton and their three children, according to the palace.

Kate Middletons latest health update: Kensington Palace shares new details

The statement from the palace, shared by Victoria, comes after it emerged the photograph had been digitally altered by Kate, sparking headlines and social media speculation around the world.

Despite Kate's subsequent apology over "minor alterations" to the image she has received massive online backlash, with critics asking the palace to release brand new unedited photo of Kate to end speculations.

However, Kensington Palace is yet to release new unedited phot of Princess Kate and her children.

Speaking to Times Radio on Thursday, Newton also rejected marriage claims: “The nonsense that has been written that the marriage must be in trouble because she took her wedding rings off [in the Mother's Day photo]… have you seen the size of that rock? I can’t imagine she wears that ring most of the time at home. I thought that was really unfair and felt a bit [like] bullying, and that’s why I thought we had to make a stand. I’m glad it’s had an impact.”

About William, she said: "He had a difficult upbringing himself with a family that was disjointed and he’s determined to have a really, really private life for his own children. It’s very different to the life he had growing up. And that’s why he’s so fiercely protective."