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‘Dune 2’ soars with $75 million debut, poised for domination

'Dune: Part Two made worldwide premiere on March 01, 2024

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March 03, 2024
‘Dune 2’ soars with $75 million debut, poised for domination
‘Dune 2’ soars with $75 million debut, poised for domination

Early estimates suggest Denis Villeneuve's highly anticipated sequel, Dune 2, is shaping up to be a box office force. Industry analysts are reporting a domestic opening weekend haul exceeding $75 million, with some projections even suggesting the figure could climb higher.

This is a significant jump from the first film's domestic opening of $40 million, marking a potential turning point for the sci-fi epic. Positive reviews and a glowing A CinemaScore from audiences are fueling strong word-of-mouth, which could propel ticket sales even further in the coming weeks.

This weekend, Dune 2 has its international premiere in 71 markets, and it's performing well in those where it debuted midweek as well.

Tracking predicted that Dune 2 would debut domestically to a gross of $74 million by the weekend. Warners, on the other hand, stuck with a more cautious $65 million domestically and $75 million internationally.

Theatres are counting on the film to launch a consistent supply of event fare that was postponed by last year's labour strikes, after surviving one of the harshest early winters in years. The box office so far this year has lagged 18% behind that of the previous year and more than 38% behind that of 2019.

Such a strong opening bodes well for the future of the Dune franchise. This positive reception could greenlight additional sequels and solidify Villeneuve's vision for adapting Frank Herbert's sprawling sci-fi saga.