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Terry Crews recalls early career struggles that ‘changed his life forever’

Terry Crews made shocking revelation about his work in 'Training Day'

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February 29, 2024
Terry Crews reveals he didnt get paid for Training Day
Terry Crews reveals he didn't get paid for 'Training Day'

Terry Crews is full of gratitude for his stint in Training Day despite making zero money from it.

The 55-year-old actor revealed he did not get paid for starring in the 2001 thriller-crime film, shouting it out as the project that launched him in Hollywood.

During an appearance on Club Shay Shay, the Brooklyn Nine Nine alum said, “I have never ever, ever looked at whatever money I got as a horror story. You can’t nod yes and mean no.”

“I didn’t get zero [for Training Day], but it changed my life forever,” Crews affirmed. “You wouldn’t know who I was if it weren’t for a no-paying job.”

He went on to compare his perspective to that of an athlete, noting no player begins their football career for money.

“Then, you get all the way to the pros, and you get the millions. There’s no other way. There’s no way to hop, skip and jump this thing,” the actor continued.

“If I did it, I loved it,” Crews added. “This keeps my heart always full of gratitude.”