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Jamie Lee Curtis feels honoured to lend her voice to audiobook, American Mother

Jamie Lee Curtis brings Diane’s story to life with her narration, details inside

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February 27, 2024
Jamie Lee Curtis to narrate Diane Foleys book American Mother
Jamie Lee Curtis to narrate Diane Foley's book American Mother

Jamie Lee Curtis feels honoured to bring Diane’s story to life in upcoming book, American Mother by Colum McCann and Diane Foley.

In a statement shared via PEOPLE, the Freaky Friday star said, “I am honoured to bring Diane’s story to life.”

“Many are familiar with Jim’s kidnapping and his brutal beheading 10 years ago. It was broadcast all around the world and became one of the iconic photos of our time,” remarked the 65-year-old.

However, Jamie stated, “Few know the real story of exactly how this ordinary mother of five, former nurse and literal force of nature took the worst imaginable event in her life and turned it into a powerful act of grace.”

Jamie would lend her voice to the audio edition of American Mother, which showcases the story of Diane, whose son, journalist James Foley, was kidnapped and killed while on assignment in Syria in 2014.

The author Diane mentioned, “This year marks the 10th anniversary of Jim’s horrific public murder.”

“Over 100 innocent Americans have been freed since 2014, but international kidnapping continues as fellow Americans are targeted and held captive in Gaza, Russia, China, Iran, Syria and around the world,” noted Diane.

The author further said, “I am so grateful to Jamie Lee for so generously helping tell Jim’s story and continuing his legacy of goodness.”

“There is not a better voice to tell Diane’s story with grace and humility than Jamie Lee,” added Colum.

Meanwhile, American Mother will hit bookstores on March 5, 2024 in both print and audiobook formats.