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Russell Crowe believes it’s time to get healthier: Here’s why

Russell Crowe wants to lose weight prior to his big day, claims source

By Web Desk
February 26, 2024
Russell Crowe on losing weight: Deets inside
Russell Crowe on losing weight: Deets inside

Russell Crowe is all set to lose his weight due to his health concerns before tying knot with Britney Theriot.

A source spilled to the National Enquirer, “The extra weight he's carrying is hard on his body.”

“Russell is unapologetic about it, but he's agreed that it's time to get healthier,” shared an insider.

However, the source also told the outlet that Britney “loves Russell for who he is”.

“She's doesn't care what he looks like, but that doesn't mean she's not worried about his health,” revealed an insider.

Interestingly, the Gladiator star determined to get healthier prior to his big day but not going on a diet or not taking any cosmetic help.

The source explained, “He’s not going to go on some crazy diet. He plans to just start eating healthier and work out every day.”

While talking about his marriage with Britney, another source disclosed the couple would like to “keep it small, just family and close friends”.

“A few other celebrities will be invited, but it's not going to be some big A-list party,” mentioned an insider.

The source added, “Once they're married, it's going to be baby time. That's a promise Russell's made to Britney, and it's the main reason for making things official.”