Tuesday April 16, 2024

'Super genuine' Prince Harry got ‘recharged’ by trip to Canada

Duke and the Duchess of Sussex attended 2025's celebrations for the Invictus Games

By Web Desk
February 26, 2024
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Prince Harry couldn’t seem to be more “driven” by anything other than being with “his people.”

The Duke and Duchess spent time at the Vancouver Whistle 2025's One Year to Go celebrations for the Invictus Games in Canada last week, and claims are that the Prince feels “recharged.”

Mike Bourgeois, an alumnus of the Invictus Games, who represented Canada in the archery team during the 2020 Invictus Games in The Netherlands, said a lot about Prince Harry’s behaviour and feelings during the event.

"He's genuinely interested in your journey. 'How's your coaching? What's the learning experience like? How are you being treated?” he told People.

"He even asked one person about their accommodation and thoughts on the food,” Bourgeois said of the Prince.

He further went on, "His focus is on understanding the athletes. It's about recognising those embarking on a journey of recovery. That's what drives him."

Bourgeois added, "I can only speak from my own experience. For us, you go from struggling in silence because it’s a pride thing.”

"With the military, you never want to admit that you’re broken or injured. It's always game-based, always machine-focused,” he further explained.

"I think that when you get exposed to this level of recognition where the Duke of Sussex gets down on his hands and knees and looks you in the eyes and talks to you, it’s like you’re somebody.”

He also gushed about the concern the Prince showed during the trip, saying, "He sees you and hears you. That’s what it was like for me. And I know that’s what it was like for a lot of my teammates."

Bourgeois remarked Harry as being "super genuine" during the week-long event.

"This is where the prince gets recharged,” he added. "He’s with his people now; he’s with the soldiers and the veterans, and that’s shared experiences."