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Swifties approve of Taylor Swift, Travis Kelce as 'soulmate' due to THIS similarity

Travis Kelce flew to Sydney to cheer Taylor Swift

By Web Desk
February 24, 2024
Swifties approve of Taylor Swift, Travis Kelce as couple due to THIS similarity
Swifties approve of Taylor Swift, Travis Kelce as couple due to THIS similarity

Fans were pretty upset by Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce's recent trip to the Sydney Zoo, but there's one important element that shouldn't be missed.

With Kelce's arrival in Sydney, the power couple captured Australia's attention. They reconnected yesterday.

They broke from their regular programming to report on Kelce's private jet landing in Australia. There was an obvious mix of excitement and confusion, especially since Kelce was accompanied by another big man, Ross Travis.

At first, there were no public demonstrations of affection and just blurry pictures of Kelce hanging out in Swift's hotel suite at the Crown. Eventually, though, Swift and Kelce were photographed out on a cute date at the zoo.

What aspects of the pair did fans notice?

A love tale was being revealed to us. Both of them were casually clad in shorts and trainers as they were spotted strolling around and taking in the animals.

Their day out was captured on camera, and soon after it went viral, everyone wanted to know everything. If the pictures hadn't been taken from such a distance away, lip readers would undoubtedly be examining their chats while wearing matching white trainers and meandering through the zoo.

Their feet are important in this situation. Their synchronised footfall has led fans of their love story to believe that they are soulmates. Listen to their hard proof before writing this off as crazy fan talk.

A viewer shared a video of the couple strolling through Sydney Zoo together, posing as the ideal couple, and praised their coordinated gait.

She enquired, "How are their feet so in sync?" In response, other admirers swiftly shared that it's an indication of eternal love when your feet move in time with your NFL player boyfriend's.

Walking beside someone and falling into a rhythm is not the only thing to do. It meant something that Kelce wasn't trailing Swift like a teenage kid following their mother around the grocery store; instead, they were moving as a pair.

"Soulmate behaviour," a fan wrote.