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Paul Lukaitis honoured by The Good Doctor cast during season 7 premiere

Paul Lukaitis was the production manager on ABC’s The Good Doctor during the show’s first six seasons

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February 21, 2024
The Good Doctor season seven pays a tribute to late production manager Paul Lukaidis
The Good Doctor season seven pays a tribute to late production manager Paul Lukaidis 

The Good Doctor’s Season 7 featured a tribute to crew member Paul Lukaitis, who died on October 26, 2023 after battling cancer.

Lukaitis served as the production manager on the ABC show, working behind the scenes for over 100 episodes unil his demise. 

The show went an extra mile to pay tribute to the late production manager in Season 7, introducing a new character Charlene “Charlie” Lukaitis as a dedication to Paul.

The tribute acknowledged Paul’s work and his significant contributions to the show. 

According to The Direct, the show’s beloved member ensured smooth operations, concerning several aspects of filming of the medical drama. 

Working tirelessly to bring magic on-screen, Paul handled logistics and made each episode possible.  

Prior to the late member’s television tribute, a memorial was held for him on November 11, 2023.

The Good Doctor’s crew member was also associated with other series, including Charmed, Timeless, and Wayward Pines.

The latter, 64 at the time of his death, battled cancer for over a year.

The Good Doctor will return with new episodes, streaming on ABC on Tuesday at 10PM.