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Kate Middleton bursts into laughter as Bradley Walsh kicks off with MBE snub joke

Bradley Walsh's Royal Variety opener sparks laughter, viewers express mixed reactions to hosting style

By Web Desk
December 18, 2023

Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, found herself in fits of giggles as the charismatic host, Bradley Walsh, set the tone for the star-studded Royal Variety Performance with a playful reference to his lack of royal honors. 

Addressing Prince William, Walsh quipped, "Ask me if I've got an MBE. Nah, ain't got one.

Ask me if I've got an OBE - nah, ain't got one of them. Ask me if I've got a CBE - no!" 

The jovial banter continued with Walsh suggesting that the honors might be in short supply due to being awarded to "people who row boats" and "people on telly who bake cakes." 

Amidst the laughter, Walsh shared his own unique claim to recognition, having 'entertained troops in the Falklands' and cheekily contrasting it with those commended for their 'victoria sponge' cakes. 

While Kate enjoyed the comedic start, viewer reactions remain mixed, sparking a lively discussion about Walsh's hosting skills.

Walsh stumbled over the term 'highnesses,' proposing alternatives like 'cactussess' and 'cacti.' 

The camera captured the genuine laughter of Prince William and Kate as they enjoyed the light-hearted banter. 

Amid the jovial atmosphere, comedian Tom Allen later brought tears of laughter to Prince William, who was seen wiping away real tears during the standout stand-up act.