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Drew Barrymore reveals ex's chronic habit made her 'sick to my stomach'

Drew Barrymore recently opened up about her repulsion toward people who 'nap all the time'

December 09, 2023
Drew Barrymore reveals exs chronic napping made her sick to my stomach
Drew Barrymore reveals ex's chronic napping made her 'sick to my stomach'

Drew Barrymore expanded on the reason behind her repulsion to napping.

The 48-year-old talk show host was joined by Martha Stewart on Friday’s episode of The Drew Barrymore Show, where she asked the television personality her opinion on napping during the daytime.

Barrymore doubled down on her former opinion on the act, which she weighed in on the show last month.

The 50 First Dates star went on to recount a bad experience in a past relationship, where her ex would just nap “all the time.”

“It made me sick to my stomach,” claimed the multi-hyphenate star. ”Yeah, it just always — he was so tired all the time and had to nap all the time. It's really about him.”

Stewart’s opinion on napping, however, differed from that of Barrymore, who affirmed in defense, “A nap when you’re tired is a good catch-up.”

When asked if she’d ever date someone who “didn’t work and [napped] all the time,” the American retail business woman replied: ”If he were the most fabulous handsome man and in the world and I was madly in love with him and he wanted to take a nap every now and then that’s fine with me.”

Barrymore, who is a mother to two daughters, Olive, 11, and Frankie, 9, divulged her resentment toward people who nap during a conversation with co-host Ross Matthews last month.

”I'm thinking 'that's unproductive daytime craziness.' I think it's bananas,” she said, when Mathews asked why she does not like napping. ”I've never been able to nap in my life.”