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Keanu Reeves loses his only weapon to Ski-mask burglars

'The Matrix' slum Keanu Reeves faces another burglary after two in 2014

December 08, 2023
Keanu Reeves faces burglary by ski-mask robbers
Keanu Reeves faces burglary by ski-mask robbers

Keanu Reeves’ house was robbed, but not much beside ammunition was taken.

The well-known Hollywood actor has been the victim of a home invasion once more. 

According to law enforcement sources, unidentified people wearing ski masks broke into Reeves' Los Angeles home on Wednesday night. The burglars left the area before the police could get there.

Around 7:00 p.m., the LAPD received an anonymous call regarding a potential trespasser at Reeves' residence, which led to the incident.

Officers searched the area thoroughly when they arrived, but they found no evidence of intruders.

But later, at around one in the morning, the police received a call reporting that an alarm had gone off at the property. Several people breaking through a window and going inside the house while wearing ski masks were caught on security cameras.

According to reports, the robbers made a swift getaway after stealing one firearm, reportedly his only one, from the property.

Whether any additional items were taken during the break-in is still unknown. Keanu Reeves was fortunately not present when the incident occurred.

To obtain more evidence, authorities are presently reviewing video footage taken inside the home as well as in the neighbourhood. 

Determining whether the initial police call came from someone watching the property and possibly involved in the robbery is one area of focus.

The residence of Keanu Reeves has been the target of burglaries before. Two consecutive intrusions in 2014 prompted the implementation of more stringent security measures. 

Earlier this year, Reeves also managed to secure a temporary restraining order against an alleged stalker who had supposedly showed up at his house.