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Adele explains how her son made her ‘respect’ her own mother more

Adele reflects on her parenting journey in a new interview

December 08, 2023
Adele shares her views on motherhood changed after becoming a mother herself
Adele shares her views on motherhood changed after becoming a mother herself

Adele has recently explained how her son taught the singer about her own mother, Penny Adkins.

“I talk to my friends a lot about this because my friends are having kids now. The first thing I think that comes up when you have a kid is it brings up a lot of your own childhood for you,” said the Hello hit-maker in a new interview with The Hollywood Reporter.

The songstress continued, “And no matter what your childhood was like — good or bad or whatever — you don’t want your child to have your childhood.”

Adele noted, “My mum was very young when she had me. She was on her own, and I realised all the things I thought she could have done better, that she couldn’t have.”

Reflecting on her parenting journey, the Easy on Me crooner pointed out, “It made me respect my mum more and has given me more patience with her, as her older-woman daughter.”

“It made me see how hard it must’ve been because we had no money. She didn’t have my dad and stuff like that, whereas I was with Angelo’s dad,” remarked the 35-year-old.

Adele mentioned, “I’m very lucky that I can afford to look after my child properly, and more than properly.”

“I struggle not to show my emotions to Angelo (11-year-old son) with other things I’m going through. And I think that’s OK. Sometimes, I wish I could hide it a bit less. But also, it’s not easy being an adult for anybody, in any situation,” she added.

For the unversed, Adele, who shares her son with charity executive Simon Konecki, parted their ways in 2019.