Tuesday March 05, 2024

Jimmy Kimmel mourns death of Norman Lear: 'Taught us so much'

Norman Lear died on December 05 in Los Angeles

December 07, 2023

Jimmy Kimmel, on Wednesday, expressed his sorrow over the passing of his friend and partner Norman Lear, who passed away the day before at the age of 101.

Jimmy Kimmel Live! The anchor opened his long-running ABC late-night programme with an emotional ode to an abandoned studio, calling the late TV writer, producer, and campaigner a "genius" and sharing a funny letter he had previously received from him.

“Last night at around 7 p.m., we lost not only a giant in the world of television but a great man who was one of the most important and impressive people I ever had the pleasure of meeting,” Kimmel, 56, began.

“Norman was the genius who brought us some of the greatest television shows and characters of all time,” he said before listing some of the series Lear created. “It’s an incredible list and he was an incredible person."

The comedian continued, “He changed situation comedy in the best possible way. He taught us so much about so many serious things, always making us laugh while he did it, and everyone who works in or even watches television owes him a great debt. Especially me.”

Kimmel explained while photos of the two people together were displayed on the screen. “I was fortunate enough to work with Norman on several projects over the last five years, including live revivals of some of his greatest shows, and I loved him dearly. He was so funny.”

The celebrity then disclosed that he and his spouse Molly McNearney sent Lear a shirt with the words "Norman F-ing Lear" written on the front during the 2021 holidays.

“And he loved it,” said Kimmel, before sharing the thank you note that Lear sent the couple in return.