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Taylor Swift's friends reveal they lean on her anytime

Taylor Swift proves to be a perfect friend to her friends

December 06, 2023
Taylor Swifts friends reveal they lean on her anytime
Taylor Swift's friends reveal they lean on her anytime

The Grammy winner Taylor Swift is ranked #1 on People magazine's 2023 Most Interesting People of the Year list. This week's cover story features interviews with Swift's friends, collaborators, and tour openers to learn more about her life away from the spotlight.

Swift spent over ten years getting to know the rock group Haim, which is made up of the sisters Este, 37, Danielle, 34, and Alana Haim, 31, who worked with her on the 2020 song "No Body, No Crime."

“She’s incredibly prolific,” says Danielle. “Every time we all get together, we get so excited because we know she’s going to play us something new and groundbreaking. Her heart is always open, and you can hear it in her songs.”

Despite her hectic schedule, Swift never fails to show up.

“She has always put her friends before herself in every situation,” Alana says. “She’s the kind of friend that checks up on us for weeks after a tough breakup and is a shoulder to lean on.”

Swift got to know Paramore frontwoman Hayley Williams, a lifelong friend when they were both nominated for Best New Artist Grammy in 2008.

“Not long after we became friends, she knew I felt awkward going to my ex’s wedding, so she tagged along with me, made it fun, and then we ditched the reception to go to the Cheesecake Factory,” Williams, 34, recalls.

Since collaborating on her solo projects Folklore and Evermore, Swift has maintained a close working relationship with music producer Aaron Dessner, 47.

"She's legitimately just a very down to earth and hardworking person" in the time that he's known her.

"She is an absolute genius," Dessner adds, "and thankfully also a truly wonderful human being."