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Paris Jackson reveals her 'thoughts' on Offset's Micheal Jackson tattoo

Cardi B previously revealed how Michael Jackson's portrait on Offset 'haunts' her

December 06, 2023
Paris Jackson reacts to Offsets tattoo
Paris Jackson reacts to Offset's tattoo

Paris Jackson dished on her thoughts on Offset having Michael Jackson’s tattoo on his body.

The Swarm actress took to Instagram to reveal how she feels about having her late father's portrait on the Clout rapper's abdomen. 

Paris filmed herself driving the car and began the video with calling out the paparazzi for constantly hounding her.

The daughter of the King of Pop responded in a light manner, regarding Offset’s gesture as ‘cool and all’.

She also mentioned that she’s not “really like in the business of commenting on what other people do with their bodies because its none of my [expletive] business”.

The 25-year-old went on to explain the reason behind her filming the video, noting she didn’t want her statement to become ‘headlines.’

Paris decided to reach out and let her 4.2 million followers know the ‘real story’ before the outlet released a public statement.

Fans were thrilled by her transparency and just how ‘politely’ she handled the paparazzi.

A comment read: "normalize beating the paparazzi to stuff”

Another wrote, "Taking back the power. It would have been some lame a-- drama click bait."

The third user gushed: "Love that you put it out there first so they won't twist your words!"

Paris' statement comes two months after the rapper’s wife, Cardi B, made an NSFW revelation about the tattoo.

Fans were in absolute awe after realising just how much the rapper was in love with the late icon.

While appearing on Hot 97’s Ebro In the Morning show, the Bodak Yellow rapper revealed that the Heal the World star's tattoo inversely affects their intimate moments.