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Jonathan Majors’ faces another accuser in assault trial

‘Creed III’ actor Jonathan Majors, who pleaded 'not guilty' has been facing assault trail since March

December 06, 2023
Jonathan Majors faces new claims from ex girlfriend
Jonathan Majors faces new claims from ex girlfriend

Jonathan Majors doesn’t seem to get out of the assault case anytime soon, as Tuesday saw the continuation of the actor's criminal trial in a Lower Manhattan courtroom.

Grace Jabbari, his ex-girlfriend, is scheduled to testify that the actor, who is nominated for an Emmy, assaulted her.

The Creed III actor was charged with beating Jabbari by the prosecutors earlier this year after the latter claimed to have seen a text message from a different woman on his phone.

Majors is accused of three counts of misdemeanour assault, aggravated harassment, and harassment. He was taken into custody on March 25. If found guilty, the actor could spend up to a year behind bars. He has entered a not guilty plea.

The 30-year-old Jabbari frequently started crying as she described the highs and lows of their two-year romance throughout her testimony. Later in her evidence, it is anticipated that she would detail the alleged assault.

Arriving before the New York City Criminal Court with a Bible in hand and his current girlfriend Meagan Good beside him, Majors, 34, sat at the defence table. Meagan Good has attended every day of the proceedings.

The two got together in August 2021 while working as movement coaches for Jabbari and having a major playing role in Marvel's Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, which was filmed in London. 

The early phases of their relationship were "amazing," according to Jabbari, a professional dancer and UK resident.

“He was really kind and loving. He told me he loved me very early on, which was overwhelming, but I loved it. And I loved him,” she told the jury. “He wrote me poetry. I felt very loved and cared for and seen.”

She was going to meet Majors' dogs in December 2021 when she first recalled him getting upset with her. She claimed that Majors criticised her for bringing up the pet of a past boyfriend.

“It was the first time I felt scared of him,” she said. “I knew to never mention my ex again or anyone I had dated before.”

Jabbari related another incident that happened in June 2022 while she and her companions were in England for the Glastonbury Festival. 

She told her partner that she probably wouldn't have mobile service because of the crowds, and she claims Majors got upset with her when she didn't have it.

“He sent me a ton of messages saying I shouldn’t be there and how dare I go,” she said.

Much more is to come in the continued testimony.