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Lord of the Rings Sean Astin opens up on being a ‘nepo-baby’ in Hollywood

Sean Astin admits he is not scared to receive work due to famous parents in the industry

December 04, 2023
Lord of the Rings Sean Astin reflects on ‘nepo-baby’ in Hollywood
Lord of the Rings Sean Astin reflects on ‘nepo-baby’ in Hollywood

Lord of The Rings actor Sean Astin has recently opened up about “nepo-baby” status in Hollywood.

In a new interview with Page Six, Astin shared that he’s not scared to reveal that he got the initial break due to his association with famous parents in the industry.

The actor, who is the son of Academy Award winner Patty Duke and the step son of The Addams Family star John Astin, admitted that their stardom helped him to start his acting career.

Reflecting on his journey to fame, the Stranger Things actor said, “Life is hard, work is hard. Finding your way in the world is hard.”

“So, when people have some good fortune, I don't begrudge that,” he continued.

Astin added, “I don't begrudge myself having been born into a family where I was given a lot.”

Lately, he played Joyce Byers’ (Winona Ryder) sweet partner Bob Newby in the second season of Stranger Things.

Meanwhile, the actor appeared on the big screen in his latest movie, The Shift, which centres around Gabriel – ”a man who is cast into a parallel Earth and is trying to return to the woman he is in love with”.

Astin disclosed he decided to go for this role because of the plot which shows “your life can be based on the decisions you make”.

The Shift is currently showing in theatres.