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Kim Kardashian, Tom Brady take flirting game to next level

Kim Kardashian and Tom Brady had super flirtatious exchange on Saturday night

By Web Desk
October 01, 2023

Kim Kardashian and Tom Brady had a great time together and even engaged in some flirtation while placing a bid on an expensive piece of art at the Reform Alliance Charity in Atlantic City, New Jersey, Saturday night.

Kim threw in the opening bid of $500K, and Tom followed with a bigger offer before they entered a full-fledged bidding battle as TMZ reported.

The outlet's source further spilt about the exchange between the stars was "super fun and flirty," as they can't keep their eyes off each other while giggling.

The event hosts intervened and determined both would receive their own George Condo artwork when the auction hit $2 million.

However, there was a catch; the SKIMS mogul and the former NFL player had to each fork out $2 million for their canvases, which is a trivial change to them.

While the other attendees including, Jay-Z, Michael Rubin, and Meek Mill, presided over the Reform Alliance's Casino Night, which was held "to raise funds to transform probation and parole laws." The gala event's tickets began at $500,000.

This wasn't the first time the two stars caught into a steamy moment.

At the fourth July's star-studded party hosted by millionaire Michael Rubin, the Kardashians star and Brady flirted with one another.

Both were said to be secretly dating, but several sources refuted the claims, saying they were just "friends."

However, after they attended Rubin's party at his vast $50 million Bridgehampton mansion, dating allegations about Kardashian and Brady started to appear again.