Thursday December 07, 2023

Kate Middleton lands on radar of First lady of France amid mass appeal in UK

British Royal Family is apparently a hot seller of the celebrity magazines in France

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October 01, 2023
Brigitte Macron loves reading about Kate Middleton
Brigitte Macron loves reading about Kate Middleton

The British Royal Family is apparently an avid gossip fodder for the residents of France.

Daily Mail’s royal editor Rebecca English spoke to Palace Confidential to reveal the impact King Charles and Queen Camilla have had on the heads of France during their latest state visit.

As per her observation, the Britain royalty is a “hot seller” for their celebrity magazines, with Madame Brigitte and her husband President Emmanuel Macron also among the target audience.

“One of the things I've learned from meeting some new friends on some of the French celeb mags is the Royal Family are big sellers for them,” English explained.

According to her, though Madame Macron likes the whole Royal Family just fine, she is particularly inclined towards the Princess of Wales.

Dishing on the visit, English deemed it a “success,” noting that the monarch achieved everything they had planned to gain from the trip last month.

She noted that the trip was a great example of “soft diplomacy.”

“There was a real warmth and welcome from President Macron and his wife, and from the crowds as well,” shared the expert.

“You never know what you're gonna get and the opportunities to mingle with the crowds were limited, as there have been big security issues in France,” English added.