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Amber Heard faced 'evil' mind games from Johnny Depp's legal team during trial

Johnny Depp's lawyer confessed to subjecting Amber Heard to psychological warfare during Depp vs. Heard trial last year

By Web Desk
September 24, 2023
Amber Heard subjected to evil mind games by Johnny Depps legal team
Amber Heard subjected to 'evil' mind games by Johnny Depp's legal team

Johnny Depp's attorney Camille Vasquez admitted to subjecting the actor's ex-wife Amber Heard to psychological warfare during the span of defamation trial last year.

Vasquez represented the Pirates of the Caribbean actor in the defamation motion filed by him in June, alleging Heard defamed him with domestic violence accusations.

According a Facebook user, Jonathan Kramer, the divorce attorney appeared in a recent conference, where she revealed that one of Depp's legal team members would spray the actor's perfume in the court restroom to be used by Heard every morning during the trial.

Amber Heard faced evil mind games from Johnny Depps legal team during trial

"Camille Vasquez said that during the Depp v. Herd [sic] trial, there may have been...and she emphasized 'may'... a bit of psychological warfare at play," Kramer alleged in his post.

"She said that every morning during the trial, a female member of Mr. Depp's legal team >may< have gone into the women's restroom at the court used by Ms Herd [sic] and sprayed Mr. Depp's cologne in the stalls."

In a bizarre instane, Kramer's post was in fact in support of Vasquez, who branded the ordeal "brilliant," and went on to heap praise on the attorney.

Fans flooded the comments of the Reddit post, with one lamenting, "This is so evil that I really don’t know how to make sense of it."

"How does your humanity and your empathy towards other women just go totally out of the window like this? Despicable," they added.