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Who will replace King Charles?

King Charles may possibly abdicate the throne due to his advanced age

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September 22, 2023
Who will replace King Charles?

There have been speculations and predictions about Prince William and Harry's father King Charles III's reign since he ascended to the throne following his mother Queen Elizabeth II's death in September, 2022.

Some experts, historians and fortune teller predicted that the 74-year-old monarch will possibly abdicate the throne due to his advanced age and William won't take his place due to some mysterious reasons. If the rumours are to be believed the Prince of Wales, whos heir to the throne as the eldest son of King Charles, won't succeed his father as monarch.

"Somebody's going to replace them. There's nothing more certain than that," Dr. Bob Morris, an honorary senior research associate at UCL's Constitution Unit, previously told Insider.

Who will replace King Charles?

Marlene Koenig, a royal historian with a focus on British and European royalty, previously told a media outlet that the King knows that his time is shorter and would try to do the best that he can. She continued: "He is, and he knows he is a caretaker for the next generation."

While, fortune teller Jemima Packington, who predicted the Queen’s death, says Charles will hand over the reign to Prince William in near future.

Conor Friedersdorf, a royal commentator, previously claimed: "A more consequential use of Charles’s reign would be to rule briefly and abdicate at 75, the age when British judges are compelled to retire from the bench, while touting the importance of passing the throne to Prince William in his son’s prime rather than his dotage."

However, some believe that the King, who's currently visiting France with his wife Queen Camilla, will carry out his duty as long as he is alive.

Hilary Mantel - author and history writer - had said in an interview that William could be the last ruling British monarch and his son Prince George will never be a king.