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Ambika Mod figuring out ‘public-facing side’ of fame since 'One Day' fame

Ambika Mod sets her sights on teaming up with Jim Sturgess again in 'Playdate' after 'One Day'

By Web Desk
June 16, 2024
Ambika Mod explains why does says no to fans,asking for pictures after One Day success
Ambika Mod explains why 'does says no' to fans,asking for pictures after 'One Day' success

Ambika Mod is navigating her way through the newfound fame and popularity she has garnered following the success of her Netflix series One Day.

The 28-year-old actress recently opened up to Deadline about how her life has changed since portraying Emma Morley, the love interest of Deer Mayhew, played by Leo Woodall, in the series.

"It’s really mad, to be honest," Mod remarked about her altered life. She admitted having an idea that the show would be significant due to Netflix but did not anticipate the strong connection viewers would feel towards it.

"I don’t want to sound self-important," Mod said, "but the goal is for people to respond to your work, and I’m glad people think we’ve done justice to the book."

With her rising fame, Mod mentioned the importance of setting boundaries for herself. 

She noted that some fans became so emotionally invested in the show that they felt a personal connection to her.

"There are certain times people ask for photos, and I do say no,' she revealed, explaining, "No one really teaches you this stuff, and it’s personal to everyone, but yes, I’ve been figuring out the public-facing side of it."

After receiving praise for her performance in One Day, Mod is looking forward to her next project, Playdate, starring alongside Jim Sturgess.