Saturday September 30, 2023

Prince William, Kate Middleton on mission to find 'low ego' CEO

Prince William and Kate Middleton have THIS thing planned before US trip

By Web Desk
September 19, 2023

Prince William before reaching to US on Monday, he and his wife Kate Middleton had already thought about their latest power move.

The pair before Prince leaving for US put on a job for “low ego” Chief Executive Officer (CEO) who can run their household.

Author of The King, Christopher Andersen, cautioned Fox News Digital against hiring a CEO since doing so might put the king's office in direct competition. The CEO must, however, match the couple's priorities with those that support the monarch and his wife, according to the job description.

“I'm sure William and Kate think they are helping Charles 'streamline' the monarchy by creating this new post of CEO, but of course, all they are doing is adding another layer of bureaucracy,” Andersen explained.

“It's bad enough that the private secretaries and deputy private secretaries for all the royal households – the 'Men in Gray,’ Princess Diana called them – spend so much time jockeying for position and trying to get the upper hand,” he shared.

“They have always wielded all the power behind the scenes – even the king defers to them, just as his mother Queen Elizabeth II did. Now they will have someone above them reporting directly to the Prince and Princess of Wales – a person who will almost certainly set about building their little empire within palace walls.”

“This is a recipe for even more backstabbing and intrigue,” Andersen alleged. “I think William and Kate should stick to the basics – just do what they've done in the past, only more so. They already have the key to success. They know what they're doing. As the saying goes, don't fix it if it ain't broke.”

As per the job description obtained by the outlet, the CEO will be “the most senior and accountable leader for the Household of The Prince and Princess of Wales.”

The CEO will report to the couple directly, as well as support them “to deliver the work and impact of TRH’s official and private offices.” The person will be responsible to manage a team of about 60 people and develop “a positive, collaborative and professional culture.”