Saturday September 23, 2023

Meghan Markle ‘exploitative and racist’ tendencies ‘run in the family’

Meghan Markle is becoming a ‘exploitative and racist’ with each day that passes’

By Web Desk
June 04, 2023

Royal experts are of the opinion that Meghan Markle is becoming more and more “exploitative and racist” just like Doria Ragland.

These accusatory comments and revelations have been issued by aristocrat Lady Colin Campbell.

Her claims were shared in a YouTube video where she touched on Meghan’s alleged ‘sense of entitlement’ and accused her mother Doria Ragland of ‘teaching’ it to her.

While she admits “no doubt about it – Thomas spoiled Meghan” Doria also ‘did her part’ and “encouraged Meghan to be exploitative and racist.”

And really, just a nasty person. Meghan would think she didn’t get roles due to race. It was because she wasn’t pretty enough, she didn’t have a waistline, too short, fake boobs…she always tried to punch above her weight. Doria and Meghan are both nasty, and they are a certain type of person, certain strain of person. More than that, I do not wish to say.”