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Gerard Pique fails to impress new girlfriend's family after Shakira breakup

Gerard Pique reportedly facing problems with Clara Chia Marti's family over his kids custody agreement with Shakira

By Web Desk
May 29, 2023
Gerard Pique fails to impress new girlfriends family after Shakira breakup
Gerard Pique fails to impress new girlfriend's family after Shakira breakup 

Gerard Pique has landed in trouble amid his new romance with Clara Chia Marti following his separation from Shakira.

The parents of the PR student, 24, do not trust the former Barcelona player, 36, because of his multiple alleged cheating scandals, claimed an insider.

Spanish media outlet, La Vanguardia, revealed that Clara’s parents, Lluís and Marga, are afraid their daughter will go through the same situation as the Waka Waka singer.

Another reason they have for not liking or trusting the athlete is his age. They believe Clara is too young to be dating someone in their late 30s.

Above all, they have issues with Gerard over his custody agreement with Shakira as he has to visit Miami every month to spend 10 days with his boys, Sasha and Milam, as per the arrangement.

Not only her parents, but Clara has some hesitations about the agreement and she has been vocal about it with Gerard.

Journalist Jordi Martin, who claims to be a specialist on Shakira and Gerard’s life, has claimed that Clara told the sports star after he signed the agreement with Shakira, “You’re going to have to live with it for the rest of your life.”

Clara’s parents have also voiced their concerns that Gerard has met them only two times even though the duo have been dating for almost a year now.

“Clara has visited Piqué’s parents’ house on countless occasions, but how many times has Piqué gone to Clara’s house since Christmas? Two days, maximum,” an insider revealed their concerns.

Gerard and Shakira announced their separation last year amid rumours that the footballer had cheated on the Columbian singer with Clara.

Following their separation after 12-year relationship, Gerard made his romance with Clara, seemingly confirming the rumours.