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'Barry' actor Bill Hader 'blown away' by Joaquin Phoenix starrer 'Beau is Afraid'

Barry's Bill Hader also revealed that he took his friends to watch Joaquin Phoenix film ‘Beau is Afraid’

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April 17, 2023
Barry actor Bill Hader blown away by Joaquin Phoenix starrer Beau is Afraid
'Barry' actor Bill Hader 'blown away' by Joaquin Phoenix starrer 'Beau is Afraid'

Barry star Bill Hader who recently divulged he makes a voice cameo on Ari Aster's film Beau Is Afraid, revealed that he was deeply moved by the Jaoquin Phoenix starrer.

During an interview with Deadline concerning the season finale of Barry, Bill Hader revealed that he took his friends to watch ‘Beau is Afraid’ and was left amazed.

"Yeah, I saw it. I took Ali Wong and Zach Cregger, who directed Barbarian. And my friend Kyle Reiter and Duffy Boudreaux and Allyssa, and then John Dwyer from the Osees, which is one of my favorite bands. We all went to a private screening of it and just were completely blown away."

Hader who is the titular character of Barry also disclosed that he voices a UPS guy on Beau Is Afraid alongside Joaquin Phoenix. Detailing the phone call to Jaoquin Phoenix, Hader told Deadline:

“So, I’m the UPS guy on the telephone. I was in my house in Los Angeles with my assistant Alyssa [Donovan], and she connected me to Montreal. So, then I’d pick up the phone. I’m like, “Hello?” And it’s Ari Aster going, “Hey, Bill. All right, so you’ve got your script? Okay, so here’s Joaquin.”

“And then I’m on the phone with Joaquin Phoenix, and I’m just sitting in my living room in L.A., and we did that for like two hours. Just did a bunch of takes and tried a bunch of different stuff. Because Ari is like, “This is all one shot.” And I just did it a lot. And my assistant was like, “What the f**k are you doing?” [Laughs] “You’re just crying and freaking out…” Because we did some takes that were really wild, really big and intense.”

“Then, I just remember feeling really exhausted and Ari coming on and going, “Hey, man. It’s so funny, Bill.” And I was like, “Funny? I can’t see straight. I’ve been crying.” But they just thought it was hilarious.”

Season 4 of HBO’s Barry will be its last, the cabler announced. The final season will consist of eight episodes and premiered April 16.

Barry is created by Bill Hader and Alec Berg, and first aired in 2018. The show follows the story of Barry Berkman, a hitman who goes to Los Angeles to carry out a job but ends up enrolling in an acting class taught by Gene Cousineau. Through his experiences in the class, Barry starts to question his life choices and tries to leave his criminal past behind. However, his past actions continue to haunt him and he struggles to escape his former life as a killer.