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King Charles ‘prominently’ looking over details of Coronation despite having a committee

King Charles chose the anointing oil and the music for his upcoming Coronation in May

By Web Desk
March 29, 2023

King Charles has taken it upon himself to oversee the planning of the Coronation unlike his mother Queen Elizabeth II.

Dr George Gross, visiting research fellow in Theology at King’s College London certainly believes that as he told

“I think here the King will be heavily involved in the planning, and we’ve seen that with things like the choice of the anointing oil and the music,” he explained to the outlet. “So, I think there is his hand in all of these things, very prominently.”

Unlike his mother, who let her husband Prince Philip take over as the chair of the Coronation Committee, Charles isn’t relying on a trusted relative for the organisation of the key event.

He continued, “And of course, he’s been the Prince of Wales for so many years. He knows how to play the roles he’s played, he’s not new to being a dignitary of state, he’s used to that.”

On the other hand, Dr Gross noted, Elizabeth II was only 25 when she acceded to the throne and, while her father George VI had introduced her to public duties, she was less experienced than her firstborn son was when he became King in the matters of the state and high-profile ceremonies.

Moreover, he believes that the monarch has also proven his worth when it comes to making decisions regarding the music at key events, as he advised on what was to be played at the Prince and Princess of Wales’ wedding in April 2011.

“It’s also known that he was involved in planning William and Catherine’s wedding as well. So, he’s used to planning and I think he’s commented that he quite enjoyed preparing the music and selecting and being asked, so I think it’s a, something that he will be interested in and b, something that we can see he’s planning,” he added.

Dr Gross surmised that while there will be a team “like the Earl Marshall and representatives of government taking decisions,” the monarch is still “heavily involved” in this.