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'Game of Thrones' excessive 'sexuality' not cool: Ciarán Hinds

'Game of Thrones' actor also revealed he stopped watching show after season 5

By Web Desk
March 21, 2023
Game of Thrones excessive sexuality not cool: Ciarán Hinds
'Game of Thrones' excessive 'sexuality' not cool: Ciarán Hinds

Game of Thrones star Ciarán Hinds said he initially hesitated to accept HBO's fantasy series role due to excessive sexual depiction.

During an interview with The Independent, the Irish actor said, “I was rather put off by the amount of sexuality that was going on in it because it was taking away from the actual political storytelling,” adding, “But that’s business, I guess, from their perspective.”

Previously, the 70-year-old told NME that he stopped watching the show following his character's death in the series.

“He knows that he has the capability to be the spokesperson, but he didn’t put himself higher than the rest of them,” Hinds added.

The star continued, “I think that’s probably why people followed him. I didn’t follow the show once Mance died, so I owe myself a treat once I stop working to watch it from beginning to end.”

The actor played the role of Mance Rayder in HBO's critically-acclaimed series.