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Andrew Tate girlfriends: A look into Tate's love life

Here's a look at Andrew Tate's dating history and love life amid his arrest on December 30

By Web Desk
December 30, 2022
Andrew Tate girlfriends: A look into Tates love life
Andrew Tate girlfriends: A look into Tate's love life 

Andrew Tate who also goes by Top G amongst his fans was recently arrested by the Romanian police along with brother Tristan Tate in human trafficking case. 

Both of them were accused of abducting two girls in Romania. It was alleged that the Tates detained two girls in their villa in April with "physical violence and mental coercion." 

Tate is a misogynist based on many instances in which he made several controversial comments about women and the hierarchy.

The professional kickboxer at one point also revealed that, "Me personally… I won’t date a girl who’s over 25," and the women who see themselves as equal to men are "the exact kind of woman that I would never give my time of day to." 

Tate is a popular yet one of the most controversial influencers on all the social platforms including YouTube and Instagram.

In addition to that he was also banned from most of the platforms for his questionable comments.

Here's a look at Andrew's potential girl friends and dating timeline.

Sofiya Guliyeva

Sofiya Guliyeva is a well-known Dubai based TikTok influencer with a good following. She appeared with Andrew himself in multiple TikToks in 2022, and it was reported that he was dating the social media influencer. 

She also called herself 'Baby G' in one of her videos which sent the Top G fans into a frenzy and they assumed that they could be in a relationship.

Lori Harvey

Andrew Tate dating Lori Harvey rumors once took the internet by storm. But apparently there was no proof available to support the claim. Harvey has been focusing on her career as a model since her breakup with the Black Panther actor.

Naghel Georgiana Manuela

Andrew Tate is currently reported to be in a relationship with Naghel Georgiana Manuela, who is an American businesswoman and influencer. 

Most of the comments on her pictures read 'Top G' and others related to Andrew Tate. 

Tate also posted an Instagram picture of Nagel inside an aircraft seat that read, "Fly my plane with the one woman I trust."