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Prince Andrew’s unearthed video with daughter Eugenie shocks Twitter

A video of Prince Andrew with Princess Eugenie, from when Queen Elizabeth died, has shocked Twitter

By Web Desk
November 23, 2022

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A video of Prince Andrew with his daughter, Princess Eugenie, from the mourning period for the late Queen Elizabeth has shocked Twitter, with fans slamming the disgraced royal for his ‘unforgivable’ behaviour.

Twitter user @RosaCatherineK took to the microblogging site on September 11, 2021, days after the Queen’s death, to share a video of the Duke of York looking at the Queen’s memorial flowers and tributes outside Windsor.

In the said video, Prince Andrew is seen bending down to read some tributes, while his hand seems to graze the back of his daughter Eugenie, a move many deemed ‘disgusting’ in light of his connections to convicted paedophile Jeffrey Epstein.

The video was shared with a scathing caption that read: “Prince Andrew is an absolute predator and the fact the queen supported him is unforgivable. That’s his daughter by the way.”

“Andrew described prolific sex offender Jeffrey Epstein’s behaviour as ‘unbecoming’. Don’t tell me he has a moral compass strong enough to know not to do this in public,” the user added.

Another user chimed in saying, “Oh god I'm gonna be sick,” while one other said, “I had doubts too, until I saw the slow motion. But then again, I don’t shut my eyes to ugliness before me. And, I have also put predators away for assaulting amongst other things, assaulting women, men, and kids. Andrew is a predator.”

However, many slammed the user for nit-picking, with one royal fan saying, “He is kneeling down complete unaware of where his hand is. This is malicious. The fact you were focusing in on it is much more worrying!”