Cher’s daughter-in-law reveals singer threw her out of home: Here’s why

Marieangela King explains how Cher deprived her of her belongings, per report

By Web Desk
September 27, 2023
Cher’s daughter-in-law reveals singer threw her out of home: Here’s why

Cher’s daughter-in-law Marieangela King has recently lashed out at the singer for throwing her out of the home she lived in with estranged husband Elijah Blue Allman.

According to, King claimed she was “booted from the home” after Allman began “medical care” in August 2022.

King said in a declaration document that she was not given access to her belongings as part of the former couple’s divorce.

King revealed that she and Allman didn't separate until late 2021, and she could not pay her lawyers because his spousal support payments were irregular.

“I have only received $25,000 total, half of the support owed,” she told the court.

King further mentioned, “I had lost both my housing and healthcare and had to leave the country to stay with relatives for a while.”

“In my husband's absence, I was asked to leave our family home by (Elijah's) mother,” she remarked.

King also alleged in her declaration to the court, “I was not allowed to retrieve all my belongings from our primary home and residence, nor was I given the opportunity to inventory our assets.”

King pointed out that that she was also “unable to access a storage unit shared with Allman, encompassing art, antiques, all our furniture from our second home that we had together in Beverly Hills and other assets accumulated during the marriage”.

King recalled that on November 30, 2022, four people came to our hotel room and removed Allman from our room.

King told the court. “I was told by one of the four men who took him that they were hired by (Elijah's) mother.”

King filed the declaration four days after the alleged incident, adding, “I am currently unaware of my husband's wellbeing or whereabouts.”

Daily Mail reported that Allman is currently in rehab after six months at the Chateau Marmont.