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No burials until army ensures our security: Hazaras

- February 18, 2013 - Updated 70 PKT - From Web Edition

QUETTA: Amid countrywide protests against the bombing in Quetta, which killed at least 85 Hazara's on Saturday, the community leaders on Sunday announced they would not bury their dead until the Pakistan Army was in control of Quetta. The protesters vow to continue their sit-in unless their demand is met.


Quetta city wears a gloomy look as members of the Hazara continue their sit-in at Hazara Town and demand that the government protect them from bombings and shootings. “We will continue the sit-in unless Quetta is handed over to the army for security,” said a spokesman for the Majlis-e-Wahdat-e-Muslimeen (MWM).


Leader of the MWM, Sajid Naqvi while talking to media persons in Quetta said the tragic incidents were happening just because of lack of effective action against the elements involved in terrorism. He regretted that the state could not protect them so they are thinking to taking steps for their protection on their own.


“Our state institutions have all the resources to take action against the culprits and as such they should ensure protection of the masses,” he said. He demanded that Quetta be cleansed of arms and ammunition immediately.


Meanwhile, the Hazara Democratic Party (HDP) gave an ultimatum of 48 hours for the arrest of those involved in the Kirani road carnage.

“If the culprits involved in the incident were not apprehended then the protest would be lodged in front of the high court on a daily basis,” vice chairman HDP Azizullah Hazara announced in a press conference. He vowed to intensify the protest movement, staging demonstrations worldwide, particularly in European countries, Australia, America as well as in front of the offices of the United Nations to condemn the killings of Hazaras in Quetta.


President Balochistan Shia Conference Syed Dawood Agha in a news conference said the blood of our own people is being shed unfairly, which is tantamount to playing with the stability of the country. “We have become a community of gravediggers. We are so used to death now that we always have shrouds ready,” he said.


Chairman of the Quetta Yakjehti Council Qayum Changezi strongly criticised the performance of the police and other law enforcement agencies in curbing terrorism in the province. He charged that the law enforcers have just failed to protect the life and property of the common man including the Hazaras.


Reader Comments
Is there any Shia Sunni conflict or ever any massacre happened in India? I dont think so...

Now Karachi is in the grip of terrorism imposed in the name of Sit-In against Quetta violence. Gangsters halting people and searching to protect Shia protesters, also using filthy language with the passersby who protest on search. There is need to have army action to save people of Karachi. Immediate need to search out killers involved in Karachi killing.

Mr. Manzoor Hussain actually as you are saying US continues support to pakistan despite it. You know US is providing weapons to terrorist for killing shia people. Sunni are not murdering to shia. US dont want unity between sunni and shia due to this US is doing itself.

Mohd Haider
Mr. Shyam, please dont write anything when you have no knowledge. Who is responsible for 9/11, even the common American people know it now. See Loose Change/read Michael Moore and update your outdated brain.Are Sunnis responsible for the rape of thousands of Indian women every year?

Haroon Rashid
If PAK GOVT cant protect its citizens from genocide, than it becomes our moral, ethical and religious duty to defend ourselves. In coming days there will be an organization that will protect shia community. An organization that will root out extremism, organization that will drive Lej and Sipahe Sahaba away from pakistan. Organization which will take REVENGE Inshallah

Tabassum Ali
Violence is inbred among the politicians who want nothing but drug, land and extortion mafia. They want to evade taxes, no repayment of loans, want subsidies, exemptions, bodyguards, parliamentary seats, they want WB, IMF, ADB loans, and no questions asked. Most of all they want to kill the LAW. How can you have peace and prosperity when this phenomenon exists? Do not blame Karachiites. Blame yourselves and think. Salams to this beleaguered nation.

N Habib
Has the people of Pakistan lost trust in the democracy and routine State functions. The demand of people amounts to imposing "EMERGENCY PLUS".

A J Khan
@shyam. Hypocrisy at its worst. Killing Muslims in your own country and trying to advice others. In India thousand of Muslims are being killed in state sponsored killings and you vote them to put them in power corridor. At least in Pakistan these extremist elements never grab even a singly seat in election. This shows how dirty mentality you Indians have.

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