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Lahore Metro Bus service inaugurated

- February 10, 2013 - Updated 146 PKT - From Web Edition

LAHORE: Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif Sunday inaugurated the Metro bus service.


A high-level Turkish delegation, led by Turkish Deputy Prime Minister participated in the inaugural ceremony of Metro Bus project. which would also be attended by diplomats from various other countries.


This project has been built at a cost of Rs30 billion in record time of only eleven months. Due to metro bus service, the 27-kilometer long journey from Gajjumata to Shahdara, which took two hours, would now be covered in just 55 minutes.


Metro bus service would be free of charge for the general public for the first four weeks. A modern e-ticketing system has been introduced for the bus project, which would have special reserved seats for women and the disabled.


Punjab Metro Bus Authority has been formulated to run the administrative matters of metro bus system, while an agreement has been made with Lahore Waste Management Company to ensure modern sanitation system at its routes.


Foolproof security arrangements have also been made on the route. Punjab government has completed this quality-oriented great development project in a record period, with its own resources and cooperation of Turkey.


Under the policy of Punjab government, the whole process of construction of metro bus system has been kept completely transparent.

Reader Comments
its a remarkable acheivement and one of the major breakthrough when every where in pakistan despondency and deprivation prevails. But remember the electricity deficiency now should be the top priority of punjab govt as being empowered to generate after 18th.amendment. Power shortage have made life miserable and specially deteriorated the agriculture sector so badly that farmers are pushed to wall and their earning livelihood now next to impossible.

Shahid Majeed
Well! somthing has been delivered to the nation and PML(N) setteled an example for the others but it should have done in the power sector also.

Nauman Azeem
very nice service

This costly project of metro bus service for the people of Pakistan is better to built than all amount disburse without any project as done by our federal government and other provincial government of Pakistan. Shabash Shahbaz Sharif, Shahbaz Sharif Zinda Baad.

Nadeem Ahmad
People r never satisfied. Build schools people would favour hospitals. Build hospitals and people would favour roads.It would go on like that. BTW solar power is an expensive and highly technical matter. Pakistanis r not ready yet at least for selling surplus 2 PPs. Power generation was recently transferred to provinces and that 2 is not without bottlenecks left by the centre. Also the permission 2 generate energy to the provinces was given recently and power plants take years 2 build.

Mohammed Shuaib Sheikh
United Kingdom
Does Shari Brothers know that beside hair transplant technology in foreign country they also have solar system technology to reduce power shortage in the country?

Happy valentine day to evrry one

Khalid khan
Congratulations on breaking the world record of "most expenses dispersed on just 23 kilo meters road"

Monem Alfayed
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