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Free, fair polls look unlikely: Imran

- January 28, 2013 - Updated 1859 PKT - From Web Edition

LAHORE: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf Chairman Imran Khan said Monday that so far it seems highly unlikely that the upcoming general elections in the country will be free and fair.


Speaking to the media here, Imran said that PTI will spearhead a movement to protect the constitution and democracy. “We will provide a plan for when we leave our homes and this will be one of the greatest protests in the history of the country.”


The PTI Chairman also called for the resignation of President Asif Ali Zadari ahead of the elections.

Reader Comments
U-turns of IK 1) Only clean people will be part of PTI, but then all corrupt joined (and become pure for PTI followers :P and) and when went back to some other party they again become unclean. 2) PTI will join Long March of DPC, then went otherwise 3) 1st used shaukat khanam for their political goals, but when he was pointed for wrong decision he said shaukat khanam management takes all the decisions. I can count 100s, but limit dont allows me

He should probably also sit out this election as he did for last and wait for Musharraf to come back someday and help him. PTI should be named Perpetual Talk Institution. They will bring change with all the rejected old faces from existing parties? What a joke.

imran kahn lost his gimmick of change now a days he seems to me same side of coin.khan sahib this not cricket that you always left the out swinging ball you have to play and tune up all the time.

@Pervaiz,Ha Ha what a powerful coalition!Musharraf+Qadri+Sh Rasheed+Q+PTI(0+0=0).

Akmal Bajwa
Hasina, LHC has passed a judgement that Zardari should either resign from Presidency or step down as PPP Chairman. Do you think the Courts have given an unconstitutional judgement?

Saad Iqbal
If Imran Khan wants to win the next election he should seriously think about forming a powerful coalition with parties led by Dr. Tahir ul Qadri, Musharraf, Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed. This will get all others running wild. Not many other choices. Think beyond yourself.

Pervaiz Lodhie
it is too early to ask Zardari to resign. His resignation should be saught after care-taker set up is in their seats.

Syed Ahmed
Why and under which law Imran Khan is demanding resignation of President Zardari? At one time he says he will protect democracy and constitution, and at other, he is asking for something un-constitutional.

Hasina Marwat
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