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Malik Riaz moves SC for security

- June 18, 2012 - Updated 192 PKT - From Web Edition

ISLAMABAD: Malik Riaz has filed a plea in the Supreme Court to provide him with security when he appears before the court on June 21.


In his plea, Riaz claimed that he had been threatened by lawyers of misbehaviour during his last appearance at the Supreme Court. In the plea Riaz said that he was still receiving threats and his life was in danger.


The business tycoon has requested the apex court to give directions to the Supreme Court Registrar and law enforcement agencies to provide adequate security, so he may appear in his contempt of court case without any fear.


According to Riaz the electronic and print media had initiated a smear campaign against him.

Reader Comments
he is doing all this just to get fame.All this is planned and from my point of view behind all this is Asif ali zardari.

Malik is Pakistani, he has same rights as other thugs like Zardar/Gelani has. I like his quote "if you’ve opened shop why are you blaming customers to buy from shop", shop he meant is "everything through paisa in Pakistan" - fully supporting his view of not fixing root cause by authorities. Message is ‘aavay ka aava hee bigra hua hai’.

oZ Abbasi
he should be provided security within the precinct of the supreme court. Let him provide his own for outside. He should realize that Allah has mentioned in Quran that he can lead any one either way and thats exactly what has happened. He should pray to Allah for forgiveness

When this man comes to the SC the whole apparatus of the governament under Zardari and Gilani come to give him security. He gets police protection, roads are closed, etc etc. So what else does this stoge of Zardari want?

United Kingdom
This man said last week that he did not belive in the SC. Now he wants the same SC to provide him with securtiy. What a joker. Pakistan under Zardari and Gilani has become a nation run and contrpled by clowns.

United Kingdom
Malik Sahib said that he is not afraid of death.Now why he is frightened & asking security for him.

Mr Riaz find security of your action from GOD only, who is most merciful. Look at your behaviour of sending the young daughter to bring Mubashir Luqman back to the chair, by airing the holy Quran in your false allegations..which security is going to peotect you in your grave....?

When he does not recognize SC shouldn't he get his own security?

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