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Treason case: Farogh Naseem appears on behalf of Musharraf today

- March 31, 2014 - Updated 954 PKT - From Web Edition

ISLAMABAD: Barrister Farogh Naseem has been appointed as the new counsel of the former president Pervez Musharraf being tried by the special court in treason case on Monday here, Geo News reported.


Sources said that the team of Pervez Musharraf’s counsels having taken the stand that they do not recognize this special court as it was dissolved after Justice Faisal Arab had declined to further hear this case during the previous hearing, Barrister Farogh Naseem hurriedly filed his power of attorney to represent Pervez Musharraf today.


Meanwhile, reports reaching here said that All Pakistan Muslim League (APML) leader and a member of Pervez Musharraf’s team of counsels, Ahmad Raza Kasuri has been stopped from entering the premises of the court by the security men on the pretext that as the hearing has already started, no one would be allowed to enter the court premises for security reasons until the proceeding continues.

Reader Comments
Actually govt is affraid of honesty and speaking / convincing power of Gen Pervaiz Musharaf. That is why even basic rights of ex army chief are being negated to him. Govt wants that he should be pushed to a state where, he himself request for exile. AS the moment ex army chief is set free in Pakistan and allowed to interact with the gen public, he will become the most popular leader like, imran khan and sheikh rasheed.

asad khan
pervaiz mushraf is certainly very petriotic man, this is very shamful for us to call him "ghaddar".those people are "ghaddar" who do not act on merit in every walk of life.

ghulam muhammed
Nawaz paid during his bad days what he did to Bibi and Zardari in his good days. Now, Musharaf is paying what he did to Nawaz during his regime. Didn't allow Sharif's to attend the funeral of their father. Apart from his deeds and misdeeds, all credit goes to Zardari for behaving maturely to his political opponents. He succeeded where others including Bhutto's failed miserably. Wish Musharaf is allowed atleast to visit his 95 yr old ailing mother.

zafar iqbal khan manhas
what Nawaz did to BB and Zardari during his days,Mushraf did to him.Now Mushraf is paying for what he did to Nawaz,was not allowed to attend the funeral of late father.I Wish mushraf is allowed to pay a visit to his ailing mother.Whatever his other deeds and misdeeds,one thing goes to Zardarie's credit,he did not do with his political rivals,what others did including Bhattus and Generals

zafar iqbal khan manhas
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