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- Tuesday, January 22, 2013 - From Print Edition




Majority of people is facing problem in getting gas connections for domestic use because of non-cooperation of the staff of the Sui Northern Gas Pipeline Limited (SNGPL).


During a visit to the SNGPL office, it was witnessed that the people having grievances are not allowed to meet higher officials both in Rawalpindi and Islamabad by their respective secretaries. Every time the secretaries say that their bosses are busy in a meeting or not present in the office. The residents visiting the SNGPL offices to get gas connections, correction of bills, installation of meters etc. are not entertained. The staff uses delaying tactics and even adopt a very rude behaviour with the customers.


One, Aslam Khan, said that he had applied for gas connection in Allahabad some 18 months ago, however, the SNGPL authorities did not issue him demand note. “I visited the office for several times, but the staff is not cooperating,” he alleged.


Another person namely Gul Mohammad of Talhi Mohri said that the SNGPL had issued him highly inflated bill for the month of December 2012, despite the fact that he didn’t even use heater, water geyser due to low to zero gas pressure in the area since November last year. However, the staff dealing with the task instead of correcting the bill held him responsible for receiving highly inflated bill. “The staff alleged that I would have given gas connections to neighbours in my locality. How is this possible when there is low to zero gas pressure since November 2012?”


Noor Mohammad of Adiala while alleging SNGPL said that he had deposited demand note some two months ago for getting connection of gas, however, despite great assurances given by the concerned official, no staff came to install meter. He said when there is no gas then why SNGPL receives payment against demand notes.


General Manager, Rawalpindi, Zia Mahmood and General Manager, Islamabad, Ejaz Khan, when contacted by ‘The News’, informed that there is dearth of gas and SNGPL is facing problems in providing new connections. However, people without realising compulsions and formalities keep on blaming us, said Zia Mahmood.


According to Director Shaheen, who deals with the issue of demand notes, more than 140,000 applications for gas connections are pending for the year 2011 while 120,000 people applied for gas connections in 2012. Due to scarcity of gas, the SNGPL has only been able to approve the cases of 60,000 applicants in 2012. There is pressure on the SNGPL for providing gas connections while the gas pressure has gone to zero. Under these circumstances it has become impossible for us to satisfy every one.


About inflated bills and rough behaviour of the staff, Zia Mahmood asked the complainants to approach him directly to get their wrong bills corrected.