Tuesday October 04, 2022

NCs to have mosquito fogging machines

By Bureau report
September 22, 2022

PESHAWAR: Mayor of the Capital Metropolitan Government Zubair Ali has said that every two neighbourhood councils would be provided with a mosquito fogging machine.

Speaking on the second day of the metropolitan government’s three-day monthly meeting, he said that the Health Department was providing one litre of chemicals for the 6 million population, which was insufficient.

He said that public health safety would be the primary responsibility of the metropolitan government.

The members walked out of the session to protest the non-approval of the local government’s budget and transfer of the development funds to their accounts. They chanted slogans against the amendments to the Local Government Act and demanded the government to respect the people’s mandate.

The neighbourhood chairmen criticised the Water and Sanitation Services Peshawar for its inability to keep its area of operation clean. The chairmen raised issues in their respective neighbourhoods, which included a lack of furniture and teachers in schools and the government’s failure to launch a fumigation campaign across the district to eliminate dengue.

Imran Salarzai, who represents Hayatabad in the Metropolitan Government, presented a resolution to allocate one day a week for families in Tatara and Bagh Naran parks in Hayatabad while establishing schools on nine vacant plots in the township.

Noor Muhammad asked the council to hold a 10-minute session on Khatme Nabuwat while Alamzeb demanded renaming two gates of the Walled City after Khulfaa-e-Rashideen.