Friday October 07, 2022

SNGPL takes action over gas pilferage

By Our Correspondent
August 20, 2022

LAHORE:Sui Northern Gas Head Office Task Force team has conducted successful raid in Ferozewla, under Sheikhupura Region and disconnected a direct bypass, which was being used for heating of milk products at commercial level.

It was observed that a disconnected consumer was stealing gas through an abandoned service line and using gas for heating of milk products. A portable rubber pipe was installed on the abandoned service line, which was connected with a heavy duty compressor to boost up the gas pressure. SNGPL teams removed the direct pipe and service line from site. Earlier, in another raid at Shahpur Kanjran Multan Road area under Lahore Region, the team disconnected two direct domestic use cases for stealing gas. Direct pipes were removed from the site and application for filling of FIRs against the accused in the concerned police stations are in process.