Tuesday August 09, 2022

Bigger bills, less power

July 02, 2022

The growing frequency of loadshedding combined with the scorching summer heat has become a horrendous ordeal for Pakistanis. Rather than providing some form of relief, the government has decided to raise fuel costs. Regular blackouts have upset everyday schedules and turned daily activities into an arduous chore. Retailers are encountering a decrease in sales as clients abstain from visiting businesses during loadshedding hours. Other sectors have additionally been impacted in light of the fact that most cannot afford to work on generators because of high fuel costs.

The authorities’ inability to rectify the energy crisis has driven frustrated citizens to riot in the streets. Street barricades and police shelling in various regions have impacted vehicular traffic bringing about gridlocks. The Ministry of Energy ought to audit the development of power and overhaul unit rates. Families that consume under 500 units per month ought to be charged less.

Suraksha Lalwani