Friday August 12, 2022

Murder mystery of Seth Abid’s daughter

By Our Correspondent
June 21, 2022

LAHORE:Investigators have yet to ascertain whether the daughter of Seth Abid Hussain was murdered or she committed suicide.

As the prime suspect Fahad Mazhar has not recorded any statement so far, the investigators are avoiding giving any decisive comment. Meanwhile, the post-mortem report of Farah also surfaced. It quoted only one injury that caused the death of the victim.

According to the report, the abdomen of the victim had two injuries on it; first due to the entry of the bullet and second is due to the course of projectile. A police officer said the matter has turned out to be a mystery as the circumstantial evidences, crime scene, and statements of suspects were not aligned to each other.

He continued that the victim had only one bullet injury that too in her stomach and the cause of death is because of excessive bleeding and hemorrhage. It is unusual to commit suicide by shooting in abdomen. In most of the cases, the head shot was the modus operandi of suicide by shooting. He continued that Fahad Mazhar had become a suspect because an effort to manipulate the crime scene was made and Fahad had also disappeared from the scene for quite some time.

When grilled by police, he shared the reason that he had become nervous and panicked and that is why he tried to manipulate the crime, the officer quoted him. He added that the accidental murder was also being considered as the crime scene pointed towards a scuffle before the shooting of the fire. There is a possibility that the victim and Fahad or the other might have had an argument over an issue and the victim might have pointed gun, which triggered the fire. “The forensic report would clarify who fired the bullet”, he added.

As far the manipulation of the crime scene concerned, police investigations have revealed that the employees Abid and Shahid had played a role in hiding the weapon. A maid Atiya had changed the blood-stained bed sheets. Another employee Rooh ul Amin helped the suspect Fahad to shift the victim to hospital.