Sunday January 29, 2023

UAE seeks Iran assurance on ‘peacefulness’ of nuclear programme

June 18, 2022

ABU DHABI: The United Arab Emirates urged Iran on Friday to provide reassurances on the peaceful nature of its nuclear programme after the International Atomic Energy Agency denounced Tehran´s lack of cooperation.

"There are concerns," said the permanent representative of the UAE to the IAEA, Hamad Al Kaabi. In response to an AFP question during a press conference on the Emirates´ own nuclear programme, he called on Iran to "closely cooperate with the IAEA" and "provide reassurances to regional and international countries regarding the peacefulness of its nuclear programme".

The UAE has the first nuclear power plant in the Arab world. It lies just across the Gulf from Iran which has a nuclear power plant of its own outside the coastal city of Bushehr, as well as a controversial uranium enrichment programme.

Kaabi´s statements come after Iran disconnected some IAEA cameras monitoring its nuclear sites this month, shortly after the US and its European allies pushed through a resolution at the UN agency denouncing Tehran´s lack of cooperation.

The United States unilaterally withdrew from the nuclear agreement in 2018 under then-president Donald Trump, before imposing biting sanctions on the Islamic republic. Iran in turn began reneging on its own commitments.

Washington´s Secretary of State Antony Blinken in April said the "breakout time" for Iran to develop a nuclear bomb, if it so chooses, is "down to a matter of weeks" after the deal had pushed it beyond a year. The UAE has repeatedly said its nuclear ambitions are for "peaceful purposes" and has ruled out developing any enrichment programme or nuclear reprocessing technologies.