Sunday July 03, 2022

Land dispute: Rival tribes agree to ceasefire in S Waziristan

May 29, 2022

WANA: After fierce clashes for several days, the two rival tribes fighting over property dispute agreed to a ceasefire on Saturday.

Dozens of armed tribesmen of the two rival tribes - Zalikhel and Khojalkhel - had been fighting over ownership of land and mountains in the Gurgoray area.

The recent clashes took an ugly turn when armed men of both sides used heavy and automatic weapons against each other, leaving two persons dead and eight others injured

District Police Officer Khanzeb Mohmand told reporters that police, district administration South Waziristan, and jirga of local tribal elders intervened and negotiated between the two tribes and convinced them to announce a unilateral ceasefire.

The DPO said that 13 prominent elders of the two tribes had been arrested and sent to Dera Ismail Khan Prison.

He said that the district administration had also imposed Section 144 on display of arms, which forced the two infighting tribes to settle disputes through negotiation.

Local elders said they had managed to convince the two tribes for a temporary ceasefire and efforts were underway for permanent peace by finding an amicable solution to the conflict.